Home Visit

A home visit is essential for an accurate pricing estimate on any job. No two house are made the same and the time and effort that goes into each job varies from project to project. To schedule a home visit to get an accurate pricing estimate on your needs Click Here and fill out the form on the following page.

Send Pictures of Your House

If you live in Sun Valley or McCall or if you have a vacation home and would like an estimate for window cleaning the most cost effective way for me to give you an estimate would be for you to take some pictures of all the sides of your home and or garage or out buildings you wants cleaned and email them to me.

I will count your windows and send you back an estimate. We then can schedule a cleaning.

Please let me know if you have any, skylights, french doors, or basement windows or anything unusual that may not show up on the pictures you take.

Thank you. If you desire me to come to your house for an estimate and want to meet my handsome face in person I will charge 40.00 to come out. If you have me do your windows the same day we apply the 40.00 towards your bill.

Sample house:

There are 18 windows and 6 screens on this house. We count each window pane separately and each screen separately